Sunday 31 October 2010

The universal feedparser

Sometimes things don't have to be difficult. For example, incorporating a RSS feed summary in another website. With the universal feedparser this takes only a few lines of code.

The universal feedparser is a old but venerable piece of software that makes it a walk in the park to retrieve information from an RSS or Atom feed in Python.

The following code is what I actually use to incorporate the title and first paragraph of the postings on this blog on my homepage.

import feedparser
import re



print '<h2><a href="%s">%s</a></h2>'%(,feed.feed.title)
print '<div class="feeditemlist">'
for e in feed.entries: if not mo is None else 'no summary available'
        summary='<p>%s</p><a href="%s">read more</a>'%(short,
        print '''
        <h3><a href="#">
        <span class="feeditemdate">%s</span>
        <span class="feeditemtitle">%s</span>
        <div class="feeditemsummary">%s</div>'''%(date,e.title,summary)
print '</div>'

The html this script produces is easily readable by itself but can simply be converted to a jQueryUI Accordion widget to save space.

The only drawback is that the universal feed parser only works with Python 2.x


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