Saturday, 25 December 2010

Daemonizing CherryPy

It is documented but without a proper example I found it very hard to find out how to daemonize a CherryPy server. After some trial and error it proved to be not so hard at all.

The CherryPy documentation is a little haphazard at times and although the Daemonizer plugin is documented I found it a bit difficult to understand without any examples. There is a bit more available now in the new documentation but that is quite hidden so it never hurts to show an example:

  { 'log.access_file' : os.path.join(current_dir,"access.log"),
  'log.screen': False,
  'tools.sessions.on': True
Note that this only works on UNIX like systems (it certainly won't work on Windows XP). Also note the configuration parameters. Make sure sure you log your accesses explicitly otherwise you will have a hard time finding where the logging of your daemonized process went (hint: probably nowhere...)


  1. Thanks for that information, this helped me setup a daemon with cherrypy :-)

  2. Hi, I would like to redirect my stdout/stderr to a log file. How can I achieve that while using cherrypy daemonizer?