Saturday, 12 February 2011

Python 3 Web Development, beginners guide, the RAW version

My new book is available in a RAW version

The people at Packt Publishing decided to put my new book on their website in its RAW version, meaning you can get early access to it and at a discounted price as well.
The coming weeks I'll be working hard together with the editorial team at Packt to get the book ready for its final version. The book is a beginners guide on developing web applications in Python with a bit of help of Javascript and jQuery on the client side. And although we take small steps, we do take a lot of them and end with a quite elaborate framework that will help you develop quite sophisticated web applications with suprisingly little effort.


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  2. I purchased the RAW book from Packt, but there are no code downloads. Can you supply the code so I can follow along in the book.


  3. @MisterBuntMan

    It should be available pretty soon on the packt site. I am busy polishing up all the code based on remarks by the reviewers and I expect everything to be wrapped up in a few weeks so please be patient :-) Comments are welcome of course.