Sunday, 9 October 2011

A jQuery Mobile Address plugin

While playing around with jQuery Mobile and wondering about the support for the new HTML5 input types I realized there wasn't an address extension that was just as easy to use a date picker was for dates. So I wrote an address plug-in.

Adding Google Maps to an input element

The idea is very simple: addresses are text just like an e-mail address or an url. HTML5 makes it possible to identify this a input element types and jQuery Mobile acts on these types as well to display custom widgets for these elements.

I wanted an address type: an input element with that type would allow the user to enter an address or a click on it would open an interactive map. Clicking on a location in that map would fill in the address under the cursor. Writing such a plug-in was a fine exercise in both jQuery Mobile and the Google Maps API and the first results are documented on my website as part of the Erica Web Application framework.

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