Sunday, 30 October 2011

A jQuery Mobile SelectorImage plugin

I implemented a jQueryMobile plugin to enhance a <select> element with a clickable image map. A full article with examples is available on on my site

A simple, JavaScript only implementation of an clickable image map.

In this age of html5 it is of course not done to use clickable image maps :-) Yet I did want to enhance <select> elements with clickable images to allow for a visual alternative for a drop down list without the hard to maintain imagemaps of old. I therefore implemented a jQueryMobile plugin that takes two maps (these are specified with data- attributes): one to display to the user and one to act as a definition of hotspots. These hotspots are simply colored areas in the hotspot map (instead of polygon definitions in an image map), When the user clicks the image the corresponding location is checked in the hotspot map and the color found is looked up in the list of <option> elements. If there is a match, that option is selected. A working example can be found here. A full explanation, including a small list of known problems can be found here.


  1. This is an excellent concept! Did you yet figure out why it isn't working in in the final release of jQuery Mobile 1.0?

    If not perhaps I can lend a hand?

  2. @Kevin

    I was indeed planning to take a look at it again. However, any ideas are welcome of course!